Swiftwater, more than a century of innovation

Nestled among the Pocono Mountains in
Swiftwater, Pennsylvania, sanofi pasteur is home to
state-of-the-industry facilities—and a rich and unique history.
Since 1897, Swiftwater has been a manufacturing
site for vaccines. It began when Dr. Richard Slee,
who studied under Louis Pasteur, acquired four acres
of land in Swiftwater and built his lab to produce
a new smallpox vaccine.
Today, our Swiftwater campus is more than 500 acres,
housing 44 buildings and encompassing more than
one million square feet of building space. Many of
our facilities, while bright and modern, still retain
the rustic charm of the original stonework.
It is here, in our vibrant community that our
multidisciplinary teams of 2000+ professionals work
together to instill our company Vision that no one
suffers or dies from a vaccine-preventable disease.
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