Living the Good Life in the Poconos

Nestled between some of the country’s liveliest cities, the Poconos – and nearby Lehigh Valley, Lackawanna County, and Northwestern New Jersey – provide a perfect destination point where nature and metropolis interact harmoniously, where education and experience are both in abundance.
You get more for less in the Poconos, where the cost of living is more affordable. All around are rollicking mountains and tranquil bodies of water, as well as development that keeps the area modernized without impinging on its rustic charm. So, whether you want to live in a more urban setting, a 20-acre horse farm or anything in between, all of these lifestyle opportunities are within reach – and driving distance of Sanofi Pasteur.
If an urban adventure beckons, New York City and Philadelphia are within close range, but there’s also a lot to do at home. The area boasts a growing number of shopping, entertainment and cultural activities. You can find art galleries, antique shows, craft events, music festivals and concerts, as well as the performing arts. Nature lovers can enjoy skiing, camping, observing wildlife, or enjoy some fresh air on one of our many golf courses.
From vibrant college communities to an environment that complements any family, Northeastern Pennsylvania and its surrounding areas have something for everyone.
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